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Customer Delight- The Mantra of Mereco

At Mereco, we want all of our customers to be delighted when they are doing business with us. In our mind, there is a tremendous difference between our customers being “satisfied” and being “delighted”. A customer being satisfied means that Mereco has performed according  to expectations.  Being delighted means...

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5 Ways for Customers to Save Money

Our valued Mereco customer partners often ask us for suggestions that can help them reduce costs associated with purchasing our products. Once we discuss the dynamics of the direct cost of the product we supply I usually offer some other suggestions as to how they can keep costs under control, as follows:

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Why This Small Business Chose the Healthcare Exchange

My company, Mereco Technologies, a manufacturer of custom formulated materials for electronic applications, has been a fixture in the Rhode Island small business landscape since 1960. Over those fifty fours years, the company has always provided generous health care benefits for its employees.

As premium costs started to escalate around 2006, I became personally involved in the health insurance debate about the rise in premiums and the ability of the small business community to sustain the increases.

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Why ISO Matters

The concept of a ubiquitous quality standard has been around for many years. Fortunately, the ISO standard is recognized worldwide and is used as a gauge of a company’s commitment to meet certain expectations when it comes to a quality program.

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Thermal Conductivity- An Enigma for Everyone

Over my 35 year career, many customers, both current and potential, have asked me to recommend thermally conductive compounds for use as a heat transfer medium in their electronic or heat sink applications. Thermally conductive applications pose one of the most challenging applications for Mereco to address, for the following reasons..

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