Mereco Purchases Microtrac S3500 Particle Analysis System with Extended Resolution Capability

Mereco Technologies today announced that it has purchased a new particle counting system, the Microtrac S3500. The Microtrac S3500 complies with or exceeds ISO 13320-1 particle size analysis - light diffraction methods.

According to Dr. John Tashiro, Mereco's Vice President of Research and Development, "The Microtrac S3500 empowers Mereco with state-of-the-art particle counting technology that will allow us to produce accurate, reliable, and repeatable particle size information for applications ranging from research and development to process and quality control.  The instrument has extended range capability to allow measurement of submicron particle size. This is particularly valuable in our photovoltaic, electrically conductive, and thermally conductive formulations."

The Microtrac S3500 uses Microtrac's patented Tri-Laser Technology which provides accurate, reliable, and repeatable particle size information for a variety of Mereco applications at Mereco. Particle size analysis and control is particularly important in the development of Mereco's array of solar inks used in the manufacture of solar cells, and will be critical to successful introduction of the novel Mereco aluminum paste being developed for high efficiency solar cell Passivated Rear Emitter Contact (PERC) applications.

The Microtrac S3500 is added to Mereco's already formidable arsenal of state-of-the art thermal, mechanical and physical analytical and testing capability for polymers which includes:

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Thermo Mechanical Analysis (TMA)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
  • Laser Flash Thermal Conductivity Determination
  • Rheometer
  • ThermoGravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Universal Testing (Tensile, Tensile Lap Shear, Elongation, Peel Strength ect.)
  • Electrical Testing
  • Hardness

Mereco, founded in 1960, is a leading worldwide supplier of specialty formulated epoxies, urethanes, silicones, photovoltaic BSF pastes, and other products.