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Mission/Quality Statement

Mission Statement

MerecMereco Technologies Group Mission Quality Statemento Technologies Inc. is a leading formulator and packager of polymer systems that concentrates on developing innovative, environmentally sound, engineered solutions for individual customer requirements. Primary applications are in the electronics, aerospace, defense, and industrial markets. Mereco will achieve growth via new product development and by exceeding our customers' expectations. The company provides its employees with an enriched work environment that offers opportunity for professional advancement, demonstrates continued respect for our environment, supports the community in which we operate, and provides growth and financial reward to our stakeholders.

Vision Statement

Mereco Technologies continues to experience new business growth at an average rate of 15% per year. We continue to enhance our image of high product quality, technical competency, customer service, business ethics, environmental awareness, operational safety, employee relations, and community involvement.

Mereco Technologies continually works to advance its position as a leading polymer formulator for electronics, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. Our focus is on acting as an extension of our customers' engineering and materials design team by providing engineering solutions based on market directed and/or customer specific applications requirements. Continuous improvement in our quality systems has been achieved via two significant events: ISO 9001 certification in December 1997, and the continued work towards a Total Quality operating environment.

Quality Statement

Mereco Technologies Inc. is totally committed to satisfying and delighting our customers by providing them with high quality engineered solutions, products and support through continual improvement.

We will continuously strive to excel in manufacturing performance, seeking, refining, and deploying the best quality strategies and tools that we can identify. Additionally, we will endeavor to always update and understand the requirements of our jobs and the systems and procedures that sustain us, employing quality teams, training, and increased responsibility and accountability for employees.

Our dedication to quality must be absolute and cannot be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality.