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Sustainability Statement

Mereco Sustainability Statement

Mereco will strive to attain an environmental balance that will allow the company to prosper and promote corporate and social development with sustainability for years to come.

Mereco is committed to Environmental Responsibility

Mereco respects the environment and will take great care in manufacturing and disposal to insure that best applicable industry practices are followed. We will promote social opportunities in the community and state in which we reside.

Currently and in the future, Mereco will maintain and establish ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials within its business to promote the sustainability of our planet for future generations. Mereco is committed to support and promote responsible and ethical recycling and disposal of all products manufactured and sold in partnership with our customers.

Mereco is committed to the reduction and/or elimination of VOC’s and HAP’s in our manufacturing processes and product portfolios. We will formulate our new products to be REACH and ROHS compatible and will reformulate where possible to meet these objectives.