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Flexible Adhesives

Mereco flexible adhesives are formulated for maximum reactivity to eliminate the use of plasticizers which can volatilize or exude over time. Applications include shock and vibration, CTE mismatch, flexible circuits, BGA’s and MCM’s.

Flexible Epoxy Resin Systems

Product Designation Highlight Description Mix Ratio
B to A
Mixed Viscosity, CPS Working Time
at 25°C
Cure Schedules Hardness Shore
A or D
Conductivity OHM*
Mereco XLN-589 Flexible, Low Slump,
Thermally Conductive
1:1 200,000 4 hours 24 hours at 25°C
2 hours at 65°C
85A 3.2 BTU Mereco XLN589 Mereco XLN589
Metaduct 1240 Flexible Adhesive,
Electrically Conductive
One Part 40,000 3 months 15 minutes at 150°C 45A 0.0001 Metaduct 1240 Metaduct 1240
Mereco CLN-658 Flexible Adhesive,
Electrically Conductive
1:1 Thixotropic 2.5 hours 24 hours at 25°C
2 hours at 65°C
75A 0.005 Mereco CLN658 Mereco CLN658