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Jewelry Manufacturing Products

Mereco products for jewelry and giftware manufacturing include different viscosities, cure rates, clarity, and bond strengths. Used for bonding stones to findings, bonding pewter to wood, bonding insignia to glass, casting decorative parts, pen turning, ice and ivory reproduction.

Two Component Resin Systems

Product Designation Highlight Description Mix Ratio
B to A
Mixed Viscosity, CPS Working Time at
25°C, 100 Grams
Cure Schedules Hardness Shore
A or D
Mereco 303 Series Fast Gel, Low Viscosity,
Stone Bonding
100:10 4,000 15 minutes 24 hours at 25°C
16 hours at 65°C
87D Any Mereco 303 Series Mereco 303 Series
Mereco 4580 Series Low Viscosity, General
Purpose Casting
100:20 400-2,000 20-40 minutes 24 hours at 25°C 70-75D Any Mereco 4580 Series Mereco 4580 Series
Mereco XL-360 Ivory Resin for Scrimshaw
100:40 1,000 2 hours at 25°C 16 hours at 25°C
2 hours at 250°C
76D Ivory Mereco XL-360  
Mereco 312 Five Minute Cure,
Good Adhesion
1:1 20,000 4 minutes 5 minutes at 25°C 85D Amber/Tan Mereco 312 Mereco 312
Mereco XL-193 Clear Casting Resin
for Stones
100:60 900-1,600 2 hours 3 hours at 150°C
24 hours at RT
85D Clear Mereco XL-193 Mereco XL-193
Mereco CLN-870 Pen Manufacturing
2:1 850 2 hours 1 hour at 90°C 75D Clear Mereco CLN-870  
Mereco XLN-470 Bonding Vinyl 1:1 Thixotropic 4 hours 24 hours at 25°C
2 hours at 65°C
75D65A N/A Mereco XLN-470 Mereco XLN-470
Mereco X-305 45 Second Adhesive 2:1 5,000 20 seconds 45 seconds 60D Dark Brown Mereco X-305 Mereco X-305
Metregrip 313 Clear 5 Minute Adhesive 1:1 5,000 3 minutes 5 minutes 81D Clear Metregrip 313 Metregrip 313